13g Nylon Liner, Palm Coated Smooth Nitrile


Gauge 13
Liner Material Nylon
Coating Type Palm coated
Coating Smooth nitrile
Package 12/120
Size 6-12(XS-XXL)
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Introducing our premium knitted nylon gloves, made with the best materials to ensure maximum flexibility and ease of usage in a variety of industrial settings while offering the highest protection and comfort.

13g nylon liner, palm coated smooth nitrile (2)
13g nylon liner, palm coated smooth nitrile (3)
13g nylon liner, palm coated smooth nitrile (4)
13g nylon liner, palm coated smooth nitrile (5)
13g nylon liner, palm coated smooth nitrile (6)
13g nylon liner, palm coated smooth nitrile (2)
Cuff Tightness Elastic Origin Jiangsu
Length Customized Trademark Customized
Color Optional Delivery time About 30 days
Transport Package Carton Production Capacity 3 Million Pairs/Month

Product Features

13g nylon liner, palm coated smooth nitrile (5)

Our gloves are created with a lightweight, comfortable, economical knitted nylon glove core. This enables you to function effectively and efficiently in a variety of settings without tiring yourself out.

Our gloves are flexible to operate and comfortable to wear, giving you complete control over your hands at all times. This is essential if you have to finish challenging activities that call for a high level of expertise.

Our gloves are coated with nitrile to provide you the greatest performance possible. Our gloves' remarkable oil and corrosion resistance is a result of the nitrile covering, which keeps them strong and effective even after extended use.

13g nylon liner, palm coated smooth nitrile (3)
Features . The tight knitted liner gives the glove a perfect fit, super comfort and dexterity
. Breathable coating keeps hands ultra cool and try
. Excellent grip in wet and dry conditions that improves work effeciency
. Excellent dexterity, sensitivity and tactility
Applications . Light engineering work
. Automotive industry
. Oily materials handling
. General assembly

Best Choice

Because of our gloves' great wear resistance, you can be sure they are long lasting and will consistently offer excellent protection.

Our gloves are the ideal option for you whether you work in manufacturing, construction, or any other industry that demands a high level of hand protection. With the knitted nylon core, lightweight construction, and nitrile rubber coating of our gloves, you can work with comfort and assurance, knowing that you are well protected.

You can also be sure that our gloves will withstand the demands of an industrial work environment thanks to their long-term wear characteristics, which means you won't need to replace them as frequently.

In conclusion, our knitted nylon gloves with nitrile rubber coating are the ideal choice if you're searching for a pair of gloves that are high-quality, reliable, and comfortable for your working environment. Place your order now to begin enjoying the comfort and safety that come with only our gloves.

Production Process

Production Process

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